UNTO Toscano team

We started this journey with the aspiration to tell the story of what producing Olive Oil differently means to us, and what it could mean for a future world we want to live in.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil market has been dominated for decades by large producers that employ industrial processes for developing, growing, and harvesting olive groves - this has resulted in many local small-scale growers being pushed out of business, and their land abandoned and slowly rendered useless.

Having had the privilege to grow up in and around this beautiful Tuscan land, we recognised the need to look after our precious landscape and to restore the slow methods that people have been handing down for generations, seizing the opportunity to think small again.

By joining forces as a farming community, our ambition is to establish a rich and diverse movement of rejuvenation in the centenary tradition of Tuscan agriculture, which is now being rediscovered by a new generation. We are extremely proud to root the quality of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the building of a network of like-minded enthusiasts, in our region’s near-artistic ability to dialogue with the environment, finding an equilibrium between tradition and innovation, nature and man-made beauty.

We value the passionate care of olive groves belonging to ancient cultivars, which are tended, protected, reproduced (and sometimes even named!) to give life to new generations of plants.

Help us restore this land, one bottle at a time.