Our Products

Introducing our new small batch limited edition olive oil made from a monocultivar of Leccio del Corno. Due to the limited nature of this type of production, we have only 1000 cans of this oil available for sale this year. Don't miss out, get yours before it's all gone.

The new 2022 batch of our original Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Cold pressed in Fiesole, Tuscany
. We have two sizes available to cover all picnic, table and pantry needs.


Unto was started as a rural recovery project with the goal to bring life back to neglected pockets of Tuscan land. These fertile grounds sustained rich agriculture for centuries but fell into abandonment following rural depopulation since the ’50s. It is in this setting that our independent farming community was born. Producing a range of superior quality olive oils is the first step on our journey to restore and revive the land and our heritage. Join us.